Liwoto - the Story

Welcome to Liwoto! We are so happy that you are here.

How it started

In the last few years we have seen the coliving movement grow and change with the explosion of remote working. At Liwoto, we believe that coliving means bringing together like-minded people and building a shared sense of community first and foremost. However, the term coliving is expanding and we feel that it has become harder to find a space that truly fits into that original idea and  experience. Most conventional accommodations such as hotels, Airbnbs, hostels etc. do not offer a convenient environment to live & work while feeling part of a community.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone understands their options in this fast growing world. Liwoto is on a mission to connect remote workers / digital nomads to boutique coliving - coworking spaces that are focused on community, quality work environment, and a cozy place to call home.

Meet Liwoto

Meet Liwoto

Liwoto is a network of four passionate and  experienced founders of existing coliving spaces. We are Magda from SunDesk in Morocco, Anne from Nine Coliving in Tenerife, Jon from Sun and Co. and Edo from Sende, in Spain.

We want to keep the original idea of bringing like-minded people together to build a community and add an incredible working environment to the mix.

A Place to Call Home

A Liwoto coliving space is designed for those who are looking for a place to call home, for however long they decide to stay. It is a boutique space, run by passionate hosts with almost a decade long experience in hosting thousands of colivers. We’ve learnt a lot from our guests. Liwoto spaces are uniquely designed with the right balance of comfortable living and a quality work environment. We focus on building a shared sense of community and meaningful connections with other colivers and the locals. But most of all, it offers a space for you to work, grow, explore and live your best life!

When staying at any of the coliving spaces in the Liwoto network, we will give you access to our member's portal. By doing that, you’ll also get access to exclusive features, such as coliving guides, pop-ups, festivals, online learning sessions, and the chance to become a Liwoto ambassador at any of our locations. We are THE online place to be if you are a remote worker or digital nomad interested in the Colving lifestyle!

Our values

Intimate Community of 15-25 people in each space

A passionate local host

An excellent working environment

Information and guidance about the local scene

Living and working under the same roof

Shared kitchen and common areas

Liwoto: Live - Work - Together

We spend so much of our time behind screens. Interacting over Zoom calls and Slack messages while feeling exhausted by the end of the day. When you stay with Liwoto you will find a place where you aren’t just another tenant renting a room for a bit before moving on. You will be welcomed by us and treated like family while you are here. There are so many conversations to be held and adventures to be had outside of work. We want to give you a place where you can keep your day job and be reminded what it is like to feel alive outside of it in amazing places.

So what are you waiting for, are you ready to learn more about coliving?