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Coliving allows you to break free from your daily routine. Explore the world while striking the right balance between work and life and making lifelong friendships.

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Over the last few years, our ways of living and working have been completely disrupted with the switch to the “remote” economy. Although this model offers a lot more flexibility, it also comes with a lack of social connections, which has left us feeling more isolated and disconnected.

Coliving is a concept that has been around for a while, but has recently exploded thanks to the new “remote” economy. Essentially, coliving provides you with a home away from home.

Join our communities across the world, where you can live and work comfortably, surrounded by like-minded people. In these spaces you are guaranteed to find a shared sense of community, a quality office space with dedicated desks and fast internet, and a warm living space so you can do your best work while living your best life!

Meet new Friends

Meet new Friends

Meet people with similar values and goals, go on adventures together and build lasting friendships.

Do Your Best Work

Do Your Best Work

Structure your work-life balance as you desire. Get access to a productive work space and stay focused on your work easily.

Join a Tribe

Join a Tribe

Become part of a local and global community of like-minded people that share similar journeys. Exchange stories, perspectives and skills along the way.


The perfect start to your coliving journey

Liwoto members are boutique coliving spaces run by passionate hosts, each with almost a decade-long experience in hosting thousands of colivers. Over the years, we have learnt a lot from our guests, which allowed us to uniquely design our spaces with the right balance of comfortable living and a quality work environment. We focus on building a shared sense of community and meaningful connections with other colivers and the locals. But above all, we offer a space for you to work, grow, explore and live your best life!

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